Semi-frameless shower enclosures are probably the most misunderstood option. The pieces of glass are not all framed or partially framed. Usually the partially framed door has framed support panels or framing on the walls. The frames are placed where additional support is desired. Semi-frameless options have thicker glass than most framed shower enclosures. By using 1/4″ or 3/8″ glass, semi-frameless enclosures have a sturdier feel.

The metal frames allow for the most adjustability for plumb/level problem areas. The cost of semi-framed shower enclosures or doors is more than framed and just a little less than frameless. Semi-frameless enclosures are not much less in cost than fully frameless shower doors/enclosures though, which makes purchasing them harder to justify. For just hundreds – not thousands – of dollars more, homeowners can upgrade to a fully frameless shower door that will look and function better over time.